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The Holy Bible

For Many Years There has been a miss translation of the Holy Bible. The 1st & most important point is that is a book of History. The key to the History Book is Jesus Christ. Making it named the Holy Bible. This website will have, more and more in both an English version & man of the important areas in its original language "Hebrew". A fast way to understand.

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Children of GOD, Children Of Jesus Christ †


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Miss-Understandings about Christ

You may have heard the term "Son of GOD"? This is a wonderful way to explain the innocent miss-understanding, however GOD has Blessed me with the Knowledge and Power in visits to fix issues like that one & many others.

You can fact check "Everything" on this website & it will be found All Different Faith's agree with me. Always keep in mind ... I AM a Free & Accepted Teacher Mason (M.A&Freemason), some might say we Holy Bible and . Many also say that Freemasons didn't create the United States, as we All know Freemasonry, Yes we Freemasons created/founded the U.S.A.Miss